Monday, 16 February 2015

More Mablethorpe

My old mate Col drove 100 miles down from Scarborough to watch the beach race at Mablethorpe and took these photos. The next race is this Sunday. Racing from about 11. 
Don't worry, there aren't any quads...
Carl CFM dominates the 250 road bike class on this TDR250
Neil's Suzuki from the 200 road bike class.
George Hopper and his mini-grasstracker
The variety of bikes is a big draw. Some people go low, dirt track style chassis, below, while others keep long suspension. Above is a CCM Rotax from the Unlimited road bike class. Below is a Honda XL250 (I think) from the 250 Road bike class.
Pete Pearson's Yamaha 600. He absolutely flies on this thing.
Handsome grasstracker. 
Before the racing started there was a memorial service for a lady who had been helping the club, marshalling for years. All the racers lined up on the beach as the local lifeboat went out to, I think, scatter her ashes and shoot a flare into the air.
Me in the middle. Starts are getting better. I'm getting slightly closer to the leaders. I had some good battles with the two bikes either side. There are about 12 bikes in our class.
The ambulance, is on the startline. We start in a line, off the track and have a drag race to the first corner. You can see the churned up track bottom corner. Pete Pearson doesn't even touch that bit of the track, his line is so high and flat-out.
Carl spitting a blue genie off the start. On his way to another heat win.
Mark's Bonneville. He's mustard off the start. This bike prefers a waterlogged beach that doesn't rut up and stays smoother.
Another oddball bike in the Unlimited Road Bike class, a grey import Yamaha SRX. 

For more info on times and race dates go to

Thanks for the photos and emergency spannering Col. G

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james boddy said...

I let Pete Pearson ride my bike at Scunthorpe, He took to shale straight away.