Thursday, 5 February 2015

Working Class Heroes

Working Class Heroes in Ulverston in the Lake District now stock Sideburn.
An actual shop and online store, they sell a bunch of brands that are difficult to find in the UK including Deus Ex Machina, Poler (Poler stuff in their sale now!), Adidas Skateboarding...

This is what Tom says about the company.

We are Rob, Adam, Tom and Chaz, (Right to left in the image below).
We have been in business since 2006, providing clothing from the likes of Carhartt, Deus, Dickies, Levi etc both in-store and online. 

There are only 4 of us working in the shop based in Ulverston. We really hope the shop and website work out, because if this doesn't we are stuck for ideas! Tom used to sell yoghurt, Rob was unemployed, Chaz worked as a zookeeper, but stole a monkey (for legal reasons I made the monkey bit up) and we grew Adam from a crystal (true story). 

On a motorbike front, I ride a Bonneville and I am big fan of The Trip Out, Adam is Norton man and the others are not fit to ride a skateboard! 
If you would like to become a Sideburn stockist email us at dirt @ for the killer bestest deals.

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