Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sideburn Wooly Hats in Stock

We thought we weren't going to make any more of these wooly hats, and even told people who asked.  But so many people kept asking for them and then some paid stupid money (£114) on eBay for a WOOLY HAT! Not a kidney. Not a roman coin. Not Marilyn Monroe's bra. A hat!

When Guy Martin's own website said they'd like some to sell, we made some more.

We have them in stock at the eBay busting price of £15 plus post. But a quick search shows them already on the popular internet auction site at up to £59.95 (these screen grabs were taken this morning). Speculating to accumulate. Nothing wrong with that in this post-Thatcher economy. Some people are even using our photos without permission, and we don't like that.

  • So to make it clear. 
  • We have them in stock. 
  • They are made in England. 
  • They are £15. 
  • We will NEVER sell these hats at an inflated price on eBay or anywhere else. 
  • If you see someone doing it with our photos, they are doing it without our permission. 

Get yours at the Sideburn shop. G


JamesJ said...

Any chance if enough of us ask for some early issues of Sideburn, you'll get some more of them made ?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Not unless we could guarantee selling 1000 of them. How many do you need?

We have some slight seconds of sold out issues I'm going to put on sale soon, for those really keen to have early issues. G

JamesJ said...

One copy of #1 and #2 would make my life complete...

Denise Abbey said...

An copy of #1 and #2 would make Mr Lawson a very happy man, in the meantime i'm off to order my bobble hat

Anonymous said...

I need issues #1 & #2 as well. If enough people request them will you reprint?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Reprints are very unlikely. Sorry. G

Adams Young said...

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