Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Return to Del Mar

Nice video showing the return to Del Mar organised by IV League Flat Track and Roland Sands Designs.
Lots of familiar faces including Sideburn 14 cover star Kayl Kolkman; Mikey Rush; Sideburn regular Roland Sands; Sideburn 20 cover star Drake McElroy; Dimitri Coste and Geoff Co-Built.
Click the icon in the corner of the screen to watch is big screen.

They have another race this weekend. Poster art by Ryan Quickfall. G


Nick said...

Great film, thanks

OILY RAG said...

Very cool

Trawler said...

right next to where the skatepark once was.

topjob said...

Thanks for the post. Love seeing the excitement generated by a good day of racing.

grant said...

did any spectators turn up?
it looks empty.......gaelic shrug!