Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Garrett B: A special place in our hearts

Found this photo of Garrett B over on Travis's 747 Rider blog.

Long time Sideburn blog readers might remember Garrett has a special place in our hearts, because his gorgeous Aermacchi was the subject of our very first blog back in March 2008 (we started the blog after the mag, how very old-fashioned, eh?).

Since then and now we have made 4928 posts. If you look on the sidebar on the right and scroll to the bottom you will see we have added a list of all the labels we semi-religously use to link posts from the SEVEN years of this blog. Only enter the tangled web if you have two hours to lose.

Garrett and his son and daughter all race on the Colorado flat tracks. In this photo Garrett is wearing the very first T-shirt design we made, the Dick shirt. G

UPDATE: Following our own label trail reminded me I'd already posted this photo. It works!


747 said...

He sure has gotten a lot faster since he got rid of that ol two smoker.

Garrett302 said...

Aw man! I love that! Thank you, and thanks to Travis for the pic.

Honestly, Sideburn gets a huge amount of credit for getting my lazy old butt back into racing after a 25-year break from MX! Thanks so much for the inspiration and motivation, Sideburn.

BTW, the ol' Aermacchi is coming out of retirement this summer, possibly with the young fella in this pic at the controls...

Paul harry Harrison said...

That picture makes me want to drag my harley 250 from the back of the shed. Can they be made to compete in say up to 500 vintage class?

Garrett302 said...

Paul, it would take a LOT to get that motor competitive with a TT500. I think it could be pretty dang good in a vintage 250 class though!