Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Garrett Replies!

In response to the post below...

Aw man! I love that! Thank you! 

Honestly, Sideburn gets a huge amount of credit for getting my lazy old butt back into racing after a 25-year break from MX! Thanks so much for the inspiration and motivation. 

BTW, the ol' Aermacchi is coming out of retirement this summer... 

I'm digging getting my copies of Sideburn from Travis these days. Great excuse to get up to his shop. 

Heading to Waco, TX for a 1/2 mile this weekend. My first race back since a broken leg/torn ACL last spring

Always strap up your helmet, kids! G


footlooselizzy said...

thats a bloody brilliant photo.
Oily Rob

Garrett302 said...

I look like I'm sleeping! Scary part was the kid going over the bars, whose helmet wasn't strapped. It went flying. He's lucky to be walking and talking.

Crash was my fault. Lousy start, then tried to shove a wheel where it wouldn't fit.

Video of the crash here:

747 said...

Top notch stuff. Hats off to you Garrett!

Nick said...

Blimey, Ouch