Monday, 30 March 2015

Sideburn Lists

Loved this list of favourites from one of our mates... Feel free to join in with your own Sideburn-related lists. Email them to dirt @

Sideburn is a bit moreish in an addictive sort of way, it costs about £20 a kilo from official outlets, but has a street value of a whole lot more... 

I mean come on, which other publication`s front cover would have a guy riding around a backyard swimming pool at his Wigan home on a Honda Dax, and then two issues later the front cover has possibly the most famous motorcycle rider ever riding his own backyard dirt track in Italy?

Sideburn issue 4 is the copy I pick up and re read the most often.

Mule Motorcycles are the builders whose adverts leave me feeling the most envious.

The trophy queen replies (if on my coolness podium) would be 
1st ...John Hateley (issue 4) 
2nd.. Eddie Mulder (issue 7) 
3rd... Skip Aksland (issue 11) 

The bikes (in each issue) I'd most like to own are:

Issue 1 Holy Cow.. Bonneville Performance 
Issue 2 TZ 750... Kenny Roberts 
Issue 3 Tangerine Dream... Triumph Tracker 
Issue 4 The Phantom EG... 750 Norton 
Issue 5 Smokin Seagul... YZ 450 Issue 6 Project FT 500.... Sideburn Honda 
Issue 7 The Outlaw ... Red Line framed Triumph 
Issue 8 The Reverend.... Red Max Norton 
Issue 9 Luyckx... Belgian old school racer 
Issue 10 Pull your finger out.. Sideburn Royal Enfield and  Fashion Victimisation .. 1940 Indian sport scout 
Issue 11 DT TM Italian Tracker.... Zaeta 
Issue 12 Grasshopper..... 650 Bonneville 
Issue 13 The Swindler.... Red Max Norton 
Issue 14 8 Valve Racer... 1924 Harley Davidson 
Issue 15 Americana... 1956 Gilera 300 
Issue 16 Petardo..... El Solitario Ducati  
Issue 17 RSD Tracker..... KTM 690 
Issue 18 Pikes Peak GSXR and    Harley Ice Racer.... Benderwerks 
Issue 19 Ronin 47... 1125 Buell 
Issue 20 Trackmaster Titan..... Suzuki 500 

Keep up the superb work Sideburn Team...
Col, Scarborough, England

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