Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Cheat Technology

Bitterly succumbing to peer pressure of my friends and business acquaintances in the 21st century, I finally bought a smart phone. I wasn't surprised that my old large SIM card was not compatible with the iPhone 6 and it's nano tray. So how can I transfer all my contacts? Oh the local phone shop will have some sort of card reader - not. Oh you can cut it down - except the nano cards metal circuit-board is smaller than that of the older type and is not going to take kindly to being guillotined. And I can't email them to the new phone as the crappy old LG A100 is a t-e-l-e-p-h-o-n-e only. No internet, No Camera, No nothing else. The speaker is such bad quality you can better hear what someone is saying with two cans and a bit of string. And the contract was terminated before I had the idea of texting them across (which would have probably meant one by one anyway). Shoit.
1) Crank up the LG transfer all the contacts from the original SIM card to limited phone memory.
2) Remove the SIM from behind the battery and mark carefully where the six tiny brass studs are that make electrical contact with the various sections of the etched gold circuit-board. I used a TipEx pen.
3) Insert the new nano SIM into the old phones card carrier - its going to be a loose fit, but the stud position, and your careful marking mean you can manoeuvre it into the precise position. I used a small piece of Sellotape to stop it sliding about - fearing a short-circuiting of the wrong studs touching the wrong parts of the circuit-board.
4) Replace the battery. Crank up the old phone and transfer contacts on to the new nano SIM.
5) Take out the nano SIM and insert it into your new phone....Bobs your uncle, Fanny's your aunt. BP
.....and now I'm an instagram addict.
As predicted, it's as moreish as crack cocaine.



Good skills . are you a secret agent ?

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Nick said...

Bloody genius, don't understand it at all, Can you Kick start it? Or is it only electric start

Unknown said...

Most phone shops will give you one of these for free...