Saturday, 14 November 2015

SKON - Some Kind Of Nature

We have a new advertiser in Sideburn from the next issue, Some Kind of Nature, a clothing brand based in Nottingham. I met up with the founder, James and he's a mad bike enthusiast into street bikes and motocross. He has fingers in pies. I hope Sideburn can do some interesting stuff with him in the future.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you buy anything from SKON online, at, use the code SIDEBURN20 to get 20% off your order.

This is what James says about SKON. G

Some Kind Of Nature or S.K.O.N for short is the logical retail extension of a creative speed loving, adventure chasing bunch of 80s kids obsessing over design snd style. Find what you love & let it kill you. 

The label is ran from a pizza bar in the heart of the creative quarter in Nottingham owned by label founder James. SKON's limited edition garments are produced in the UK and shipped across the world. The brands MC club styling, 80s inspired board and bike loving tattoo enthusiast approach is fast gaining them a loyal following!

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