Friday, 20 November 2015

Sideburn x Himalaya Kit

Sideburn's Himalayan trip was a blast but packing for it was difficult. We were told to wear full-face helmets and expect rain. I wanted to travel as light as possible (but I never travel as light as some people).

So I decided to ride in trousers I could fly out in and take lightweight ex-British army waterproofs to put on over the top when needed. I never needed them. This is what I chose to ride in for the six days we were on the Enfields.

Icon 1000 Beltway jacket
Four pocket coated canvas with leather reinforcement panels. Tough, tons of pockets, zip-out satin body liner, clever magnetic storm flap closing. Mine is a pre-production sample I got when I visited Icon HQ and it's showerproof rather than waterproof, but Icon 1000 don't make claims that it is waterproof. Tough coat.

Icon 1000 Cheeter gloves
Felt much more lightweight than I would normally wear, but I was expecting to wear heavyweight Dainese winter gloves for most of the trip. Instead I wore these every day for 8 to 10 hours in our kit and they were the comfiest ever. No callouses, despite the rough going. Not sure how much protection the fabric back and goat leather palm would offer, and only a crash will tell me, so I'm putting that off. There is additional D30 (Icon's own armour) knuckle protection.

I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to helmets and would normally have ridden in an open-face Davida on a tour like this, but Vir, the tour leader, made it clear full-face was the way to go and all but one of our tour group listened to him.
This AGV is the lightest race helmet I've ever worn or even felt. It weighs just 1.15kg (2.5lb). Comfortable all day, every day.

100% Barstow x Ornamental Conifer goggles
These road goggles have big frames (and lens) and look better with a full-face than open-face lid. Well made, lovely strap design from our mate Nico, with leather detailing. Comes with spare lenses to change for different conditions. Quality feel, but the top end of goggle price range.

Dainese TRQ-Tour Gore-Tex Boots
High-tech touring boot with the protection of a Dainese raceboot. Fits under slim trousers (with a bit of wrangling) and very waterproof. Again, all-day comfortable. These are hardcore touring boots. I did 20 days straight in them, from coast-to-coast-to-coast of the USA - 8000 miles and they were faultless.

Kriega R35
Possibly the best piece of motorcycle kit I've ever owned. I've only ever heard one complaint about Kriega packs and that was from someone who reckoned they were too big for the adjustment the straps offered, so if you're the size of a bear, perhaps try one before buying.

Edwin 55 Chino
Not riding trousers, but I rode in them. And love them. Got them in a bit of a state too.

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