Friday, 13 November 2015


Next Saturday in Vegas!
This will be the ultimate fistfight in a phone booth at the indoor arena at the Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas.

Friday night is the finale of the 2015 GNC series. Jared Mees has to be favourite to take the title. He's 7 points clear of Bryan Smith and has had better short track results for the last few years, but Smith's first ever national win was on a short track (though now he is the undisputed mile master - five wins this season, to Mees' one win). And anything can happen on a track like this.

Then on Saturday night is the first Superprestigio of the Americas. It's not attracting the calibre of names that the Spanish one has, and the support race was supposed to the the Roland Sands Designs/ Indian Motorcycles Superhooligan, but I think most people are going to be looking forward to the nuts on the modified street bikes more than the pros on the 450s.

Sideburn's own poet, Travis Newbold, is going to representing Sideburn on an 2015 Indian. It's going to be wild. Americans! Get out there if you can.

And if you can't, everyone can watch it livestreaming on G

Artwork by Adi Gilbert/99 Secs


Hairy Larry said...

Close as it is to the LABarstowVegas desert ride...going to try and make it...where else do I get to see Travis mix it up with a bunch of hooligans ?

747 said...

It should be a riot!