Sunday, 1 May 2016


40 years since The Ramones released their first LP. BBC 6 Music just had an hour-long appreciation and played this.

This is from the long-gone BBC TV champion of non-mainstream pop, The Old Grey Whistle Test. I never knew what that name referred to until just now. It's... 'a 'tin pan alley' phrase from years ago. When they got the first pressing of a record they would play it to people they called the old greys [doormen in grey suits]. The ones they could remember and could whistle having heard it just once or twice had passed the old grey whistle test.'

Not sure if this Ramones song could pass the test, but I still love it. It's from the 1984 LP Too Tough To Die. I can't believe I didn't list the Ramones in my top ten favourite live bands a week or so ago. G


McQmoto said...

Fine stuff but...

For me, it has to be the original line-up.

Capion mc said...

I loved that! Probably not whispering Bob! He's not a fan of anything post prog. I dumped all my albums including a lot of soul, psych,
funk, prog, punk :'''(

Hairy Larry said...

I missed seeing Jimi Hendrix when he played in the tiny Gymnasium at Sacramento State college in 1968...(still in High School...), but I did catch the Ramones at the same little Gym in the 80's. They could have got by with one Marshall amp...they had stacks of acquaintance came out of the "pit" with a black eye.She and a couple others were rescued from the pit by a big fella named Steve. I had retreated to the front door by then, after a few hard slams...Damn it was loud!