Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Anstey and RC213V-S at the TT

I haven't written about road racing stuff on the blog for a while, but this news has got me excited.

Ten-time TT winner Bruce Anstey is to race the exclusive production bike version of Honda's MotoGP bike at this year's Isle of Man races. This is a reverse engineered way of racing a MotoGP bike on the roads.

Honda produced a limited run of the RCV, with lights and mirrors and a number of other differences (like alloy engine cases rather than the magnesium of Marquez's) and sold them for £137,000 (€188,000), even though it made only 160bhp in road trim. HRC sell a £10,000 race kit to boost power to a claimed 200-plus bhp (which is what bike like the BMW S1000RR are making in Superbike spec). So, as it's now a legitimate production bike, it can race in the Superbike and Senior TTs. Padgetts are the team that helped Ian Hutchinson win five TTs in a week, and Anstey won the Superbike TT last year. It'll be exciting.

Superbike practice starts Monday 30 May. The Superbike race is scheduled for Saturday 4 June. G


Adam Woods said...

this and the suter 500 have got me extra excited about the TT this year!!

Dingle Berry said...

I am really looking forward to the electric bike races and the sound of them whistling by. I jest of course.

This will be interesting though, can't wait!

Hardy said...

A spunky looking machine indeed.

Marcus @ MarcusMotoDesign said...

What Adam woods said! Suter and this one, damn what great TT this can be! It looks killer too!

747 said...

In Honda we trust.

tin-tinovici said...

Padgetts kick ass!