Friday, 6 May 2016

Dave Ros invades Britain's Got Talent

We have just picked up this barely believable transmission from a parallel universe...

'DAVE ROS, everybody’s favourite Rubber-Wheeled-Space-Alien Leader, is going to be on Britain's Got Talent TOMORROW night.'

If that doesn't get an almighty 'WTF!' out of you, I'm not sure what will. Dave Ros debuted at Dirt Quake II, then reappeared, like Haley's Comet, for III and the unforgettable DQ IV. Now he has infiltrated the biggest Saturday night TV show since Morecambe & Wise.

Also, Dave Ros and his band DEEP-SPACE DEVIANTS are playing what could very well be their last low-key gig at Dave Skooter Farm's birthday get together at the Bailiff Bar, Wigan on Wed 11 May. You'd be a total Sontaran to miss it.

Also on the bill is SEX-CRIME, Cecilia’s Synth-Punk band from Portland, Oregon, USA. G

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