Friday, 13 May 2016

Ronin #2:

More Ronin. Here is part of a press release from the Denver company.

Ronin Motor Works is pleased to announce the completion of four special Ronin Art Motorcycles within their series of 47 production bikes. The designs of these motorcycles were developed in collaboration with local Denver, Colorado artists. Each bike is painstakingly hand painted or etched in the style of the artist. Ronin Motor Works plans to auction these bikes publicly this summer, save for one that has already been sold, but inquiries by collectors can be made prior to by emailing 
Ronin Motor Works is nearing the completion of their build of 47 custom motorcycles. To date, over half of the motorcycles built have been sold. More details on the color schemes and specifications of these motorcycles can be found via their website at

Ronin #2 is the final motorcycle in the series and the paint scheme was designed by local Denver illustrator Samuel Lee Turner. Mr. Turner studied traditional Japanese illustration and tattoo art to accomplish his design. The artwork depicts the Samurai Teraoka Nobuyuki, who was the only warrior in the 47 Ronin clan who remained alive after they enacted revenge on the Lord who disgraced their master. The leader of the 47 Ronin, Oishi Yoshio, requested that Teraoka watch over the spirits of his fallen comrades, depicted as Tengu mountain creatures on the right side of the motorcycle. Mr. Turner portrays Teraoka on the opposite side wielding a heavy hammer, his weapon of choice during the counter insurgency of the Ronin Samurai. The motorcycle is hand painted and exquisitely detailed in the style of traditional Japanese tattooed body suits.

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