Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dirt Quake V: Have You Ever Watched Ants?

Have you ever watched ants? I mean really watched ants?

The carpenter ant has been measured at a speed of 300 metres an hour. That's like me or you running at 50 miles an hour.

What do you think of that? If ants ever got wise to that.

When ants fight, they fight to the death. What would happen if ants stopped following and started racing?

Once again, big thanks to all our sponsors and all our helpers:
Mutt Motorcycles
Krazy Horse
W and W Cycles
Guy Martin Proper
Bike Shed MC
plus the Dirt Track Riders Association

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Film by Kinetoscope Productions with the help of Dave Skooter Farm, Wilky and Ged.

Thanks to Friday night's band, TV Crime, for the soundtrack. G

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tin-tinovici said...

Dave & Wilky kick ass !! 🤘 ...💘