Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Teen lust

When I was too young to ride on the road, I had posters on my bedroom wall of Harley's SX and SS250s, and I was mad for 'em. I still think they look great and we have a soft spot for them on this blog, given that Garrett B's street-tracked SX was the subject of our very first post, eight-and-a-half years ago.

By the time I was old enough for a road bike, the law had changed and 250s with L-plates disappeared in a blue-grey fug of lost hope. But even at that tender age, I'd have had no trouble telling a 1000cc four-stroke V-twin from a two-stroke single, though the AMF-era marketing geeks hoped otherwise.

"If you can't tell it from our big bikes, see your AMF Harley-Davidson dealer," they say. Why? Did they have in-house opticians back then? MP


Garrett302 said...

I have a soft spot too!!! Wish they were faster and less "fally-aparty", but I will keep mine forever.

McQmoto said...

I have an SX-250 I've owned for most of my life.
I'd add decent switchgear, reliable electrics and a 2-stroke oil pump that doesn't fail.
Oh and the tinware is rust prone.
It does gave a special place in my heart though, particularly the black scheme with the big 250 tank graphic.

Unknown said...

And i thought i was on my own, Hurrah!