Friday, 19 August 2016

Travis Welcomes Visitors

The Deus blog keeps on trucking with high quality content and I check it regularly. Today I was treated to the joy of seeing Sideburn's Travis and his great Denver bike shop on there.

The post was written by Deus Venice USA big cheese Julian Heppekausen with photos taken on disposable film cameras. Co-Built Geoff shows up in the photos too.

See all the photos and read the short Shop Visit report at the Deus Blog. G
 Newbold's Motorbike Shop stocks Sideburn! You should too.
 Race bikes in for work.
 Travis and his wife, Rachel. 
 The famous Baja. 

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Frank said...

Travis is also an awesome host for weddings! Robin and I were married at the Motorbike Shop on November 17th of 2015. Fun times! We're planning a slot car race night to commemorate our one year anniversary!