Friday, 19 August 2016

DTX 450 for Sale in UK

We don't know anything about the history of this bike. Thanks to Kev for sharing the link. See it on UK ebay. It only has two days left at the time of posting. This is what the seller says...

I bought this bike approximately 18 months ago from Chichester Honda. I was told that the one previous owner owned a motocross school and he'd only used it during lessons. 

I converted it for flat track using a 19 inch SM Pro front wheel and hub. The rear wheel on this 2009 model is also 19 inch. Suspension was prepared by Woody at JWR in Lincolnshire. All the other relevant mods have been applied, for example, a speedway kill switch. The tyres are dtr1 medium compound as you would expect if you race flat track. I only raced this bike 3 times during the last event of the 2015 season but have arttended several (about 10) practice sessions. I'm a qualified motorcycle mechanic, and during all this she's had more than enough oil / filter changes. The only reason I'm selling is due to bigger commitments at work making it difficult to devote the time to racing that I would have wished.

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