Monday, 31 March 2014

Grant Robinson: Photography Looker-atter

Sideburn friend and contributor, piano-botherer, Canadian, Dirt Quake survivor and fantastic photographer, Grant Robinson, is the subject of this film. That's him below - looking like a shoe-in for The Stags sickness cover, should Spencer Chess ever break his scaphoid.
Motorcycho Norm cameos in the film too.
Well worth a watch. G
(Warning: There are a couple of f-bombs dropped in this film so perhaps don't watch it with your seven-year-old...).


OILY RAG said...

That is a very beautiful film . It was exactly what my brain needed right now.

G Man said...

Very nice, he sems s such a nice geezer and it shows on his pictures.

Bubble Visor said...

great vibe in the movie, love his action shots