Friday, 17 April 2009

Tres Chic

Unearthed by Chico Moto, this looks like a '20s Scott Flying Squirrel that would have normally housed a screaming 486cc two-stroke, but here seems to be transplanted with the four-stroke JAP engine that was so popular for speedway. Any one have a better educated guess? NB old carpets wired on to the rear tyre for better grip in the ice ballroom. Jolly nice socks too.


Diplomat said...

Yes - and a finely polished pair of shoes to cut the drag. Great picture. Oh lordy - when can we get our mits on SB3 ?

vintagent said...

So... that's certainly not a Speedway JAP motor - it's a sidevalver, of mid-20's vintage. The Scott chassis is hard to date as they changed so little over the years, but is also early 20's give the front fork setup and lack of brake. The gent's helmet is definitely a 20's item as well - helmets sat lower in the 30's as they improved. His cap-toe lace-ups are lovely Sunday shoes, this must have been a special day, and you have to love the argyle knee socks over jodhpurs.
His face looks familiar... there are a lot of people watching from the sidelines and mezzanine (!), this must have been a demonstration ride as the bike isn't really set up for ice work. Now you've got me curious - when did ice racing begin?
You can tell the Zamboni hadn't been invented yet - the surface is rough! Nice pic.

William said...

My new all-time favorite ice racing/speedway picture.

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

Thanks for the corrections Vintagent.
I expect you to retire to your library over the weekend and write up a fully illustrated report, to be on my desk first thing Monday morning.

Doctor Derailleur said...

x large leather flask of tee clenched between the thighs to stop the old chap from freezing is a nice touch . . . I reckon its definitely a woolly polo-neck.

Mick P said...

Fantastic. He looks like a military chap, what with the expertly-polished toe caps. Were the Royal Signal Corps going by then? The White Helmets and all that?