Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Funny how some things don't change

From Captain Highside (whose wonderful Africa Twin-powered racewinner is in Sideburn 2). He was a pro BMX racer back in the very, very early days. And I know how some of you guys have a soft spot for Bicycle Motocross

Hi GI, Came across an old cutting that brought back some memories. It's a Superclass race from '83. That's me on the gas outta turn one with Ruffell leading and big Trev Robinson on the outside. A lot of the guys ran with front brakes but I never did. Funny how some things don't change. Regards Capt H


Deaf Sprayed Custard said...

Respect dial is now on eleven, did you nail Ruffel?

Austin said...

cool pic, the kids in notts look at me all weird when i ride round on the my burner but i know how cool it makes me!