Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Return of the King

Great news for UK and Euro flat track, Chris Carr is coming back to race, teach and hang out. The seven-time AMA Grand National Champion will be kicking limey arse at Rye House on Sunday October 11th.
Chris will also be leading another flat track school, also at Rye House, on the Friday 9th (Rye House speedway are at home on Saturday unfortunately).
And, because we just can't get enough of him, Sideburn is promoting an intimate evening with Chris Carr. Details are sketchy (surprise), but it'll be on Thursday 8th, the day before the school, it'll be in the Peterborough area, Chris will give an after-dinner speech type thing (without the dinner), then Q&A. Stay tuned for more details.
Sound good? GI


Mick P said...

I like to think that a Peterborough evening with Chris Carr will involve fish 'n' chips from The Golden Cod, a few beers at the Brewery Tap, Chris's after-beer speech, then a fight at the presinct taxi rank where Chris dishes out some rightous justice to sallow-faced Fenland youths. Am I more or less in the right ballpark?

Diplomate said...

A peterborough evening - full stop, I reckon.