Monday, 27 July 2009

Hagerstown by Uncle John

Kurt Marmor's Ducati. We don't know much about the rider or bike, but it's fascinating. Kevin Atherton was on a Ducati too.

Coolbeth's XR

Luke Gough's Suzuki

Mee's XR's (with Nickers popping over the tank, apparently)

Team Tenacious from Canada

The Pro Singles podium

Remember proud Uncle John? Well he sent these shots and a very personal report from the recent Hagerstown half-mile AMA GNC round. His nephews race in the support class. In the twins class, Jake Johnson, Sammy Halbert and Kenny Coolbeth were 1, 2, 3. Mees, 4th and Carr sixth. I mention those two because Mees is on the cover of SB3 and we love CC, but it does seem weird to not mention 5th, so that was Matt Weidman. Anyway, Uncle John wrote...

Attached are photos taken, in between rain, at the AMA event at Hagerstown Maryland, 7/25/09.
The Canadian contingent was well represented in the Pro Singles class with Mike Labelle of Labelle Racing out of Welland ON. taking third in the main.
Nigel Heggarty of Team Tenacious raced from the last row in the Pro Singles main after a high side in his heat race to take a 9th, earning him the "hard charger" award. The question everyone wanted answered in the pits was, where did these Canadians
learn to ride on clay?
Check out the photo of Jammin Jared Mees bikes and you might see Gary Nixon in the
Cheers, Uncle John.


KrookStreetRacing said...

I want Coolbeth's XR.


Anonymous said...

You can find some details of the Duke here,

Uncle John said...

Colin Heggarty ran his heart out at Hagerstown for Team Tenacious and just missed qualifying for the Pro Singles main. Colin jumped in to support both Nigel Heggarty and Mike Labelle for the rest of the evening. This was an omission on my part and not related to the effort Colin put in the whole weekend.

Uncle John.

Hosenpants said...

Nice pic of the Duc! Dug around on the intertubes trying to find more info on it when I found:

with (no duc) but loads of American Racing images (both old and new). Lucifer's Hammer? WTF?!