Saturday, 11 July 2009

We've found a new god to worship 3

Not that we're fickle, but we're onto our third god already and this time we've turned Sikh. I saw a Sikh fella riding his Honda through London the other day. He had his turban and goggles on. It's a great look. They're the only riders in the UK not legally obliged to wear a helmet. And no, I haven't learned to bike-surf yet. I'm going to try on the FT500 before I take it to bits. I reckon this fella has a sticking throttle to get this much style going on. I can only imagine the state of the road beneath him. GI
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We found this photo at OttoNero. Ciao ON!


Anonymous said...

i particuarly like the sword. a fine accessory for indian motorcyling i would imagine!

pushrodmofo said...

or for fending off bad drivers

captain chaos said...

i've seen that fella - it is a good look

wol said...

or he may be stationary in a traffic jam on a very windy day & standing on his seat to check out what the hold up is

tom said...

I used to live in Wolverhampton which has a high Sikh population and quite a few turban wearing motorcyclists. I am torn between my two favourites Sikh motorcyclists.
1 The guy who commutes in the summer on a blue naked goldwing and looked cooler than everyone else on the road with beard and turban his only head protection
2 The really old dude on the Royal Enfield who turned right angled bends with such vigour and huge lean for such slow speed on route to the Gurdwara.

As for the sword you can't beat the words of Guru Gobind Singh
"When an affair is past every other remedy It is righteous, indeed, to unsheathe the sword."

Josh said...

That's India for you... Welcome! This is what happens here:)