Monday, 21 September 2009

Chris Carr leathers auction

Sideburn's Chris Carr night happens in Peterborough on Thursday October 8th. Chris will give his talk, answer questions then auction off the Brain two-piece Leathers he won the 2008 Indy and Springfield Miles in! (pictured below)

You read that correctly - please spread the word to anyone who might be interested.
Tickets went well at Peterborough, so thanks for those who bought them.

We will be taking sealed bids from those who can't make it on the night. It'll be like eBay. You say what you're happy to go up to, the auctioneer keeps it secret, if anyone beats it on the night, they win. If they don't you win the leathers at the next increment above where the bidding stops. Sealed bidders have to pay an £8 registration fee, required up front. Bids in UK pounds only.
Email us if you have any questions on this. GI

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Anonymous said...

"Hey man, if your goin to the john you gonna need this..... it aint quilted thou"