Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Red Tee Zed

Spotted at Miller Motorsports Park, Utah, by our friend Andrew Gray. Anyone know the story behind this particular bike? GI


stuman714 in Indy said...

When Doug Schwerma w/ Champion Frames put these together with a little help from Kel Carruthers, there were originally 4 or 5 of these--Kenny Roberts/Skip Askland/Rick Hocking/Steve Baker. If there was a 5th I can't remember who that one went to.
This one, if it is an orig, or a copy, or a spin-off of the orig., is painted in the red/black colors of Canadian Yamaha-sponsored Steve Baker's colors--he rode #32 and there is alot out there about him if you do a search--obviously mostly road racing. He was from Washington state originally, and last I had heard was still in his home state area.
This one sure looks sweet. They have added some silencers to the stingers and the pipes have been re-worked/re-routed. The orig all had the pipes low and 2 out each side. Nice job!
I have the shot of KR on the orig on the top of my blog header, and also have some shots of the replica as he did the demo laps on at Indy last month. I also have a couple of other shots of his orig from August '75 should you want them.

BCM said...