Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Good books

The Devil's Paintbrush by Jake Arnott
Paris, 1903. Major-General Sir Hector Macdonald, one of the greatest heroes of the British Empire, is facing ruin in a shocking homosexual scandal when he meets the notorious occultist, Aleister Crowley. As they set out into the night on a wild journey through the sinful city, the story of Macdonald's tragedy begins to unfold – with startling revelations both for the General and the aspiring magician.
In a tale that ranges from the battlefields of Sudan to the backstreets of Edinburgh, Jake Arnott brings alive a fascinating, forgotten figure of history, and a world trembling on the brink of a brutal new era. Black magic, Baden-Powell and Islamic revolution are just some of the ingredients in this bold and exhilarating novel, which explores imperialism, sexuality and the very nature of belief with an immediacy that resonates into the present.

Bad City Blues by Tim Willocks
I read his book Green River Rising, thought it was great, so got this from a charity shop, not knowing it had been made into a film, starring Dennis Hopper (has anyone seen it?). I particularly liked it, because it's a very American crime novel written by a bloke from Stalybridge.

The Complete Book of Flat Track by Gerald Foster
Can you really be without it? We're running low again, so let us know if you want one for Chris Carr night or Rye House.


Dave Roberts said...

Hi Gary, you should also look out for Blood Stained Kings and The Religion, both by Tim Willocks. Blood Stained Kings is another crime thriller set in the U.S, but The Religion is a bit of a deparure being set in Malta in the 1500's. It concerns the Knights Hospitaller, or knights of st. John, a group of similar origins to the knights templar, and the attempted invasion of Malta by the Ottoman empire. it is one of the best books I have read in years.
Check out his photo here:
One scary looking individual.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the film 'Bad City Blues'. It's an independent film, and Dennis Hopper was a only a cameo. It wasn't bad but they changed the original story.
The music of the film was made by Mick Taylor/Rolling Stones.
There is more information on Willocks at this link: