Monday, 7 September 2009

Speed Cretin vs Wall of Death

Remember the Icon Speed Cretin we posted recently? Well, there's a really nice little video follow-up from the guys at Icon. It seems the Speed Cretin isn't the helmet, but the character in it. We should do a feature on him. GI
Kurt from Icon got in touch to say...

I caught the SpeedCretin posting on your site - that's the TT build I was working on last year. The full Speed Cretin vs Wall of Death video will be posted on our blog on Sep 1st. BTW - You're absolutely correct on the paint looking like Belladonna - I love their SR - how come I never run into girls like that when I'm in Sweden? Anyways, keep up the killer mag - the guys in the Icon office dig it.
Kurt Walter, Icon Design Director

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Skylar said...

"Glint in the eye of Part" I didn't know you were hooked up with Icon.