Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Rotax framer for sale in the UK

Ready to race and on eBay RIGHT NOW! The right rider on this bike could win the championships - both short track and Thunderbike. Andy Moore is selling it. He was flying at the first race of the year. He says it's a Wood frame, but I understand it is a Wood copy. Framers come up for sale about once a year in the UK. This is this year's. Buy this and race two classes at every meeting. Don't even think about making it into a street tracker. Here's what it says:

' You are bidding on a Wood rotax 640 flat track bike. It was purchased last year with the intention of racing in the british short track series but due to work commitments I have only raced one meeting! The bike is a lovely example with many trick parts such as aluminium swinging arm , Ron Wood megaphone 2 into-1, fibreglass tank, showa forks, hagon rear shocks, Akront rims, quick- release rear hub, AP rear master cylinder, mikuni carb etc etc. The body work is painted in the exact colour of the early marlboro 500GP yamaha's although it looks different in the pictures due to the sunlight....this may give you a clue about the bikes origin. This bike was built for a flat track training school but has obviously hardly turned a wheel since new. A real head turner!!....call 07939149815 for details.'

Thanks to Steve Coles for the tip-off.


Austin said...

damn you for advertising this, now it'll get loads of bids and i've been trying to persuade russ he should buy it cos it'll go cheap.

TTroncs said...

The seller said "...it looks different in the pictures due to the sunlight....".

Sunlight ?
In England ?

TTroncs @ from France ... and tease

wol said...

bugger - i too was hoping it didnt get posted here so i could snap it up ( yes i know ; in my dreams ) now it will go for real money