Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Coffee Table Clearance

Jason is tidying up his coffee table and selling some copies of DiCE and unobtanium Sideburn#1 and #2 over on eBay. Sale Now Ended. UPDATE: Congratulations 'c***0' (who ever you are). 18 bids for a mint SB#1 ceiling at £80.98. I have to say I'm shocked and flattered. SB#2 went for £26. DiCE #1 went for £37.
And they say 'print media is dead'. Long live print media. BP


Anonymous said...

Wow, sideburns are selling well.
That's a good. Vindication of your work boys!!.

Mick P said...

Yep, been keeping an interested eye on this. In fairness to DiCE, the copy for sale was a slightly battered edition (which makes all the difference). The Sideburn copy was a minter.

23bricks said...

yes, the dice mag is ratty as fuck but good for the downstairs bog. the oddball who sent it to me also sent me an issue 5 of your mag which was sweet of him as I only have numbers 1-4.

Riccardo said...

better than times of crisis, buy SB might be the best investment!!!