Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Oxford Short Track

Short Track UK and Co-Built have been working very hard to prep the track for a return to Oxford Speedway this Friday. This is a great location, but is only used for dog racing now, so when the dirt trackers want to race there, they have to sort the track from a year's neglect. And that's not as easy as you might imagine.
Both these short films were shot at the first Oxford race last year. Racing is THIS Friday. G


Anthony Brown said...

If the Weather can just hold off its going to be a RAD night. Pete has spent a lot of money to get a top guy in with a big balde. The track is mint. We have put in a ton of effort to get things right. It would be nice if we had have a good crowd like last year. So please dont be put off by the weather if its almost dry we should be able to ride. Come along and watch and hang out in the bar if its cold!

Chris said...

Gutted... it's my local event and I've managed to mangle myself rock-climbing. D'oh!