Friday 29 June 2012

Lorenzo Buratti: Our kind of man

Lorenzo from Italy has been in touch for us for a little while. He built a great looking YZ250 two-stroke flat tracker, then he got in touch to say...

If you have a minute check my new website, in one photo there's a table with some Sideburn mag on it, let me know if it's ok for you, if for some reason is not i can change immediately.. I hope you like it 
My bests 

So, I had a dig around. I was flattered, out of all the magazines in the world he could've chosen to put on his newly made coffee table, Lorenzo chose Sideburn. Then I looked through his bike photos and was blown away by what he'd done on two wheels. Above are a few of my favourites.
Lorenzo is making one-off furniture in Italy. Go to his website if you want to commission something. G


Kirk said...

That is a nice coffee table, fully deserving of a copy of Sideburn (and a leggy eurobabe drinking coffee). He's got some vinyl too, always nice to see.

Mick P said...

Get yer bloody heels off that table. Honestly! And put a coat round her, someone.

geoff said...
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geoff said...

great miami hopper!