Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Early Highside

Captain Highside doesn't race flat track as often as he used to, but he's still a class act (and the fastest Skooter Farmer) when he comes back. He was racing at Dirt Quake (and grafting), he ran over poor Stevie Coles, then finished on the podium in the Thunderbike class.
This photo shows Highside, 760, leading a BMX race sometime in the 18th Century*. G

*Actually 1981.


Olle said...

And wearing a leather jacket?!? Thats tough! :-)

Mick P said...

And Stadium Project 9 lid - same as my very first helmet.

WhitelinePsycho said...

I can see where those C90 pedaling skills were first cultivated.

747 said...


Captain Highside said...

Hey, that's an early shot I've never seen. My Dad's in top right of the shot too. He pioneered the sport in my local area by building the track and offering it to a fledgling club. A cool Guy. Sorry about the 'running over' bit Stevie but did yah really have to lay down in front of me? I picked up a bust rib for my part in the wreck though.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude, im selective about who runs me over.
Its only been you and biddy may so far!!!.
sorry bout the rib jon. Hope youll be back in action soon.
I Would Love to get back for rhyl 1/2 mile.
Its a track not to be missed!.
great photo by the way, must have been an awesome scene.
The mag wheels do it for me!!!.