Monday, 18 June 2012

Eine Kleine Hamburger BSA A10

From Jorg at Single and Twin, Germany

Hi Gary, 
Time for a change! I'm about to change my BSA A10 Dragster into a Flat tracker. I have built it some years ago as a low-budget-once-a-year-fun-bike. First thing to change was the handlebar, which was attached instead of clip-on's, next thing will be the rear axle, which still holds gear change, footrests and rear brake pedal. Then a new front tyre will be fitted and off she goes! 
I still have a 80's Husqvarna swinging arm in it, this might have to go as well, but I want to try it first as is and then decide if it is too long or if it is rideable. Hope to participate in one of your events in the future! 
Cheers from Hamburg Jorg


Nick said...

Really nice bike, always like a BSA

WhitelinePsycho said...

Sehr ausgezeichnet mate, those gradually tapered pipes are the gear !!