Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dirt Quake II: The official film

Dirt Quake II by Iron Bird from SIDEBURN on Vimeo.
Is here! Thanks to all that helped make this event happen, all the racers, the spectators and these kind sponsors.

Dirt Track Riders Association
El Solitario
Kiddo Motors
Krazy Horse
Old Empire Motorcycles
Red Torpedo
Triple H Motorcycles

Who fancies another next year? G


Mike Chesy said...

Already working on next years bike, so it has to happen.....

Diplomate said...

Count me in - how could anybody not want to bathe in the dusty, gritty atmosphere that is DirtQuake ?

Mike Chesy said...

Any one want to buy the bike I used this year..... I'll throw in the suit!

Mog said...

I'm in!

Mog said...

I'm in!

Hubert Bastié said...

Max and myself ! I can't thank you enough to organise that awesome shit !!

Andy Rew said...

Cheers for this year Already building something crazy for next year cant wait .

ElSolitarioMC said...

So much fun~!@#$%

McQmoto said...

It needs to happen!
Book the band again, make sure Davros is in the correct time zone and light the blue touch paper...

Chris said...

great film, great soundtrack!

Dan said...

Terrific. Nicely filmed and edited.