Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Perfect Weather, Perfect Bikes

After the coldest Spring for 50 years, the weather looks ideal for Dirt Quake 2.


1. If you buy Dirt Quake tickets in advance you get entered into the draw to win the full set of Sideburn 1-13. Tickets are £10 plus a booking fee of £1.

2. Old Empire have organised a Pre-Quake party at a local campsite on Friday night. Food, beer, music, good times. Pay for your camping, the party is free. Camping at the track on Saturday night is rough, but free.

3. Bring sun cream.

Below: This is the Zaeta DT coming all the way from Italy for Charley Boorman to compete on.
Not so crucial as in last year's quagmire, but it's a good idea to have something a little bit knobbly on the front - it doesn't matter if the back end is fishtailing, but you want your nose well planted. This is what I fitted last year (shown below).And this Cheng Shin is what I've splashed out on for this year. Clicking on the tyres keyword shows you other options (some only suitable for race bikes with widely spaced front forks). BP


Twowheelsplus said...

Next year I'll make it. Next year!

Mark Simcox said...

Any news on the Saturday night camping?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Mark, it says in the post, camping is rough, but free. It's at the track. That's the news.

Tomfoolery said...

See you crazy kids there.

Pete Stansfield said...

I have a £5, fifty year old, Avon road tyre on the front and a Coker custom thingy on the rear. Ive borrowed a steel shoe that has more welding than the bike and my pit crew is an Australian drunken vagrant. I am like a little kid waiting for Santa, but am more likely to see surgeons.

Kirk said...

Pete, are there any Australian's who aren't drunken vagrants?

Pete Stansfield said...

I guess if i was in Australia i would be an English drunken vagrant..

Mark Simcox said...

Camping implies a tent but you only talk about a sleeping mat,
so I assume the rough camping is
Previously you talked about a small
fee, but now its free so thank you for clarifying that.

No need for the sarcasm

Sideburn Magazine said...

Mark, sorry if I thought I was being sarcastic, I wasn't.
So, no, it's not undercover. I've been to lovely lush campsites where you can sleep right on a meadow of grass in a tent and not need a matt. This is not one of them. You need a tent and a mat. They are essential unless you are part rhino and can sleep on a hard floor.
The camping is more of an afterthought, this is mainly a race event, but people wanted to camp so we have tried to accommodate them, and we've done that with the track's help. We thought there'd be a charge but we've dealt with the track to avoid this, because as I've tried to make people aware, it's rough and ready.
So, tent and sleeping bag and any other camping essentials.

Mark Simcox said...

Great, thanks for that.

I'm riding the XT 320 miles from the south coast for this and I want to drink BEER when I get there.
So I'll bring the tent for when I pass out, ta.