Saturday, 22 June 2013

Red Ming Boots

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Yesterday was five hours of waiting around while my car got serviced. I decided to make the most of the time by making some shoes from the spare interior leather. 
The soles are rubber tread from a horse box. No shit. I thought I'd be able to make shoes. How hard can it be? Clearly I know the answer to be, no I can't.


herrod said...

Watch out clarks!

dave skooter farm said...

Can I order a pair? Size 9 please.
Do they come with a guarantee?

Anonymous said...

Can I have a left in an 8 and a right in a 9? ha ha ha
Seriously power to you dude, 5 hours is nothing and you just did it like that!

Captain Highside said...

Jason I say one word, COBBLERS!