Saturday, 29 June 2013

Dirt Quake Survivor for Sale


From Rupert Farnsworth - Dirt Quake II survivor.

It has come to my attention that the market in Sideburn merchandise and collectables is probably most closely scrutinised at the Sideblog. Having been a keen follower of the brand since its conception I have accumulated a fine and comprehensive collection. Alas -there just isn't room for everything and reluctantly I feel the need to let some of it go - hopefully to be enjoyed by a proud second owner. I attach a picture of two stickers which I feel you may be able to find a home for.

For fear of damaging the priceless collectables I have decided not to try and remove them from the bike - so it seems sensible to throw that in to the deal. This way the lucky buyer could enjoy the ownership of the stickers complete with a fetching background which can provide good reliable (mechanically sound/cosmetically challenged) transport.

I reckon those SB stickers have to be worth 225 each with the bike thrown in ie.£450.00. That's got to be minimum price for a commuter with MOT. Is a 72/73 cb175/200 hybrid. Frame is CB175 with CB200 motor. Registered on V5 as '73 (that's the cb175 frame and correct reg number) so comes tax free next year under the new rules. Has 11 months MOT, new tyres, new clutch and a few spares. Nothing wrong with the bike but I've got to build myself a racer now I've tasted the dirt - so the 'shop is having a clear out. Any sale receipts go to racer kitty.

Contact mail at The bike is based in Northants. 10 mins from the Peterborough A1 junction. 

Below, Subaru hauler tested to 80mph on the A47. Smooth as silk.