Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wheels and Waves Man Candy

Roland Sands who was in Biarritz showing off his custom R90S BMW, coined a new phrase for us 'Man Candy'. We made much use of it over the weekend.
The humongous 1600cc 308kg (not including leather panniers full of hair products and whiskey) Triumph Thunderbird that Thor borrowed from Hinkley was starship Man Candy and he was most definitely captain Man Candy. I enjoyed my status as flight attendant Man Candy.
Man Candy likes Belgian waffles for breakfast.
This is a Man Candy dream car - This one belongs to Chris who drove down with Keely Maze Balls.
We will shortly be releasing a new Sideburn Man Candy fragrance. BP

1 comment:

Nick said...

Got to be there next year, love those pre bulge 911s, and the Sands R90S is a dream