Saturday, 30 November 2013

Deus Does Endurance Rep

The latest bike Deus Milan have built in conjunction with Yamaha. It's an XJR1300 with a heavy endurance influence (I'm going to have to finish The Black Arrow before this look is the next big thing and I've missed the boat). It's called the Eau Rouge, a corner at Spa Francorchamps.
The bike is fitted with the lovely new Campagnolo-pattern Marvic and Deus branded Discacciati calipers. They're the same make as the one-off discs we had made for our Royal Enfield (see previous posts) and also the master cylinders I've fitted to the Black Arrow. They're a little family company from Northrn Italy.
Read more at Deus Ex Machina. G

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Nick said...

Nice bike,and jewellery, Love the endurance look