Friday, 15 November 2013

Japanese Kawasaki Tracker

From Martin of the Knoen Blog (who used to be in Japan, but is currently in South America)

Hey Gary, Thought you'd like this Kawasaki tracker with knobbies, not sure but I think it's a KH250, ridden this weekend at a VMX event here in Japan. 
Personally I quite like to have a front brake when I go MX riding, but I guess it adds a lot of excitement to do without! :) 
Great event btw, I've posted a bunch of pictures on my blog if you are interested.
All the best Martin


Harley said...

Fantastic mash up! I particularly like the idea of using what look like full-on moto X rear tyres at both ends.

Jon Lawson said...

Like that ..would fit right in on Mablethorpe beach

Hot Shoe said...

I'm guessing that it's a lot better to look at than to ride.