Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Essential Viewing: Flat Track Racing Young Matadors

You must make the time to watch this. The first 20 mins are the best.
For regular readers of Sideburn you'll recognise a lot of names - Steve Eklund (and this season - Sideburn 13) Steve Morehead from (SB12); Mert Lawwill (SB13); Skip Aksland (SB11); Jay Springsteen (SB9); Scott Parker (SB8); Alex Jorgenson (SB7)...
This was sent to us by Dustin Aksland, son of former GNC pro Skip.

Hope all is well, by the looks of Sideburn it seems like you are pretty busy. 
Just wanted to share this video with you, it finally appeared online after many many years. You might have seen it, if so, sorry for the introduction. 
This short film follows Jay Springsteen through the 1979 season in pursuit of his 4th GNC title. 
I probably watched this film 400 times when I was a kid, because it features my pops getting second at the San Jose Mile. Eventually someone recorded over the film, (have to love VHS) and I thought it was gone forever. Then a few days ago a family friend posted it on Facebook. He runs a cool flat tracking group on Facebook, you should check it out, there are some great little gems on there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WCDTs/ 
Take care, D 


Nick said...

Much respect

Diplomate said...

won't argue with your take on the first 20 minutes - however - the fairground stuff is VERY cool, brilliant period action, "corn so fresh it'll talk back t'ya" - brilliant

OILY RAG said...

i cant wait till the new race season , April is just too far, at least it gives me time to grow a "killer" moustache.. Cus that is obviously where i have been going wrong.

dave skooter farm said...

Brilliant unseen footage......thoroughly digging it!