Monday, 1 September 2014

Cable Oiler

What a brilliant invention. Every tool kit needs one.
Insert lethargic clutch / throttle / wire-pull brake cable into the rubber section of the clamp-block. One side of the rubber has a wide opening to accept the thickness of the cable outer. push it all the way in - usually to the depth of the chrome end section.
the other side of the rubber clamps tightly down onto the wire once you tighten down the knurled locking screw.
insert the thin pipe attachment of preferred can of WD40 / PTFE / silicon spray into small hole in rubber. Fill that parched cable with a few good bursts.
The oldfashioned way is to hang your cables up by the nipple and then drizzle 3-in-1 oil down the wire, but it's snails pace laborious. This little gizmo gets much better penetration and instantly. BP


capnsimo said...

ahh but what about those pesky nylon lined cable I thought they were sort of do not oil as it will grunge up the slippery liner.......ooohhh err all confused now, and what sort oil, spray grease, maybe too sticky, slippy oil clearly best....ooh a minefield of options, nothing ever simple....

Sideburn Magazine said...

careful not to over lube throttle cables - especially at the carb end. Just do a quick blast at the throttle end. Otherwise excess lube will run down into the carb which is not good.
I think the modern dodgy chemical teflon types are best.
Clutch cables are heavier & tend to warrant thicker oils (?).
Agreed Nylon lined outers are meant to be maintenance free, but the wire can still corrode if your beasty lives outside, so lubing combats that.

capnsimo said...

wise words as ever from a world leader......maybe consider a parallel publication, popular mechanics, a guaranteed winner....can't wait...hope alls well in Brizzul toon...xxs