Friday, 19 September 2014

Coste x Monark

See this man racing at Rye House this Sunday. Free to spectate.
Here's the story behind this short film from Dimitri...

I wanted to share with you the result of a nice day of riding in Normandy back in june. I've been asked by Herve Coutin the editor of the independent magazine "Bad To The Bone" to shoot a fashion story for its latest issue. he wanted off road riding and a vintage motorcycle. 

Fabrice Bazire, let me ride his beautiful Monark 500 GP for the day, and like every time I ride this Swedish beauty I had an amazing time. Herve Coutin shot in black & white film for the 10 page story. 

The day before, I was working on the edit of a short video with the tiny amount of footage I had from my JMB photoshoot, and Julien Faucher, the editor I was working on asked me if I could call him next time i go riding because he was interested into filming motorcycling. I then realized that i had to ride the following day. 

I gave him a ride to Normandy, he shot what he could while Herve was snapping photos, and he came back to me today with this cool video. I hope you like it even if there isn't any sideways action. just casual riding in the fields of Normandy.

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Mr. Adams said...

Saw him at The Catalina Island GP a few years ago tearing up the track on a 650 Triumph. Quite impressive.