Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fake Quake

Look, we're not angry, just disappointed.
We're happy that our Dirt Quake events in the UK and the USA are inspiring people to ride whatever they've got on dirt tracks.
It's great that people want to organise their own race events - we can't organise them all over the world.
BUT if you feel inspired at least think up your own catchy name.

This event is NOTHING to do with Sideburn and we're not going to be there.
We weren't asked or told about it until a reader emailed us.
It might be the best event ever (...) but it isn't going to be a DIRT QUAKE.

Please desist from using our names to promote your events.
Gary and Ben, England


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747 said...


Kirk said...

Seriously lame, and anyone sponsoring that should be told so.....

Harley said...

Why not get the fake Brat Style crowd to sponsor it?