Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Something else that came out of a long-stored box just recently. Go on then, what's it off? Make and model. A feeling of intense pride and achievement to the supplier of the first correct answer*. MP
*Sensations of pride and achievement may vary.


Jonas said...

You go to love those! The Mighty MZ ES150 (even though that would normally go to 140!) perhaps a wicked fast simson sport moped?


Sideburn Magazine said...

Jonas, this particular one is from an MZ ES250/2 Trophy, but you're right that they were also used on the ES150, and that the kph speedos go to 140. Your feelings of pride and achievement are in the post. MP

Pete Stansfield said...

I'm pretty pleased i didn't know that !

Diedre Greenshields said...

Dearest Mick,
I hope stashing this old tut was not your misguided idea of a motorcycle journalists pension plan? Even without checking your Sothebys catalogues, you should be aware that the price of parts for MZ ES250 has not quite reached the ceiling of those for the Vincent Black Shadow.

Sideburn Magazine said...

Dear Diedre
Thank you for your concern, but I hedged my bets on this one, having, many years ago, got hold of upwards of 250 assorted MZ speedometers, plus a crate of NOS footrest rubbers (slightly fire-damaged), so I'm looking at the proceeds of quantity sales to see me into my dotage. Aha! Now who's the fool, eh?

dudemeister said...

Someone beat me to it,
It's the same as the one on my MZ Trophy Es250 that raced at DirtQuake3!