Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Newbold's Motorbike Shop

I had the opportunity to visit racer, friend and poet, Travis Newbold and his motorcycle shop in Wheat Ridge, Denver last week. This is what I found...
That's Travis and his junkyard XS650 that he is going to ride off-road from LA to Barstow next Spring. He has monoshocked it with an old YZ back end. I think the front end is YZ too. Seat and plastics are Kawasaki (from a junk yard, like the YZ bits).
 Tools and stickers...
Helmets and trophies.
 More stickers
A Monkey.
 About 10% of Travis's trophy haul.
 A few more trophies.
 Travis's favourite trophies in a glass case - from Pikes Peak and his Dirt Quake II number board.
 His first race gloves.
 Hondasaki project.
This is how Travis and his dog Baja travel the few miles to work most days. Baja has ridden with Travis since she was a pup. A woman in a car pulled up next to Travis and started threatening to ring the police and report him for animal cruelty. Travis explained that the dog had more sense than him and her put together and if she didn't want to get on the bike she wouldn't. That shut her up.
Newbold's Motorbike Shop stocks Sideburn.


Hairy Larry said...

As Travis has been known to say "Proper sticker placement is Key".
Travis and Baja are two of the nicest people, I had the pleasure of sharing a pit space with at the inaugural DirtQuake USA. Great looking shop!

747 said...

Thanks Larry. Takes one to know one!

Adam Bauer said...

Yep, 747 is a pretty cool dude and likes to partay... Baja on the other hand... Damn ankle biter... ;)