Friday, 10 October 2014

The Bride

Doesn't this make you want to:
1: Ride through tunnels in a black suit on a debadged Yamaha Fazer 600?
2. Watch Kill Bill?

Thanks Quentin. G


Mark Wilson said...

1. Oh Yes - The Distinguished Gangster's Ride
2. Yep
3. Re-think if an early 90s T-top 2+2 300zx Twin Turbo would make the perfect family car
4. Get some Bruce Lee Onitsukas - I bought some for my 10 yr old to fence in and it makes me laugh every time I see him kitted up with them on and a sword in his hand.

Stevie Coles said...

my fave 2 tarrentino films!!.

Craig Pavlich said...

How do you figure they let her on the plane with a (Hanzo) sword (0:09) as a carry-on? I can't even get a pair of nail clippers on!