Monday, 6 October 2014

La Ruche Moderne

A short trip to San Sebastien in Northern Spain, for work last month, meant I had to fly into Biarritz then drive the 40 mins to the Spanish town. Knowing I'd have a little while before I had to be in Spain I contacted Vincent of Bixente Moto to see if I could visit the workshop I'd heard about, in Anglet, the town next to Biarritz. Vincent gave me the address, but it turned out it was to his new place, La Ruche Moderne. Still, I wasn't complaining.
The painting on the outside was done by ex-pat American Steven Burke who works under the name, Lucky Left Hand.
La Ruche Moderne (LRM) is a multi-purpose building. It has a bar and canteen area, with a BSA desert sled parked in the middle. The canteen hosts corporate events and parties, with enough room for a band to play and a wall for films to be projected onto.
At the back is a small display for Vincent and his wife's men's underwear brand - Hemen Biarritz.
Mrs Inman is stood in the middle, helping give scale. The car in the top left corner helps too.
Also at the back is Vincent's wife's collection of Polaroid cameras. They all still work, he says.
 Above the rusty bar is a store area for Vincent's hoard of old stuff...
 Ancient mini-bikes...
Prehistoric skateboards...
1960 and 1970s Schwinn and Raleigh choppers
 Next to the canteen is a long workshop and bike storage area and garage.
Old Harley, JD, I think.           Old Indian
 Vincent and Ronald.
Vincent's daily rider BSA is always evolving. It raced at Dirt Quake II and thrashes around Wheels and Waves annually.
Read more about this great fella and his bike, in a previous guise, in Sideburn 16 (see below). G


vasco said...

Love It.
Will go there next summer.
Just remenber, Basque Country isn't spain.

James Nash said...

I'd love to know what tank's on the Beezer.